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Download Solkan Free Solitaire Suite

Solkan Solitaire the most complete solitaire suite you will find at any price. Best of all it is completely free with no restrictions or advertisements.

All the Games

Almost 200 different games. All different kinds, including quilt, clock and other popular games that are found in no other suite program. Game List

The Best Decks

The biggest, smallest and most card deck sizes. Solkan uses six different sizes of card decks. That lets you see the cards no matter what game or what system you play on. Solkan is the only suite to adjust the size of the cards depending on which game you play. Solkan cards automatically resize from four times as small to twice as big as the cards used by other packages.

Easy to Choose Games

Solkan's many different ways to select a new game make finding games easy. Games can be selected by name, ease of winning, ease of learning, how popular they are or how long they take to play. Or select a new game from different categories. Do you call the game by a different name, not a problem, solkan will guide you. Or use the preview of the layout to see a game you may remember.